The Chief Joseph Foundation was established on the Nez Perce reservation of Idaho in 1991. The philosophy of the Foundation is to promote Nez Perce cultural preservation, community pride, and community healing through activities primarily centered around the Appaloosa horse. The Appaloosa horse and the Nez Perce people have cultural and emotional bonds that have historical prominence and significance.

history2The CJF also had a hippo therapy program for the handicapped, providing a trained instructor, horses, and everything else needed at no cost to the participants. The local Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs are provided lessons twice a week.

history1We have maybe three dozen kids who all want to ride at the same time, but they show up with tennis shoes, shorts and no hat… most of them have nothing that has to do with being a cowboy or girl, only the desire to come out and try to do it. And they all do some way or the other, and we love em!!

history3One of the contestants in the Equine Special Olympics. The CJF has been hosting this event since 1999, furnishing horses, tack, the arena, judges, timers, and other people who help make it run smoothly.