Chief Joseph Foundation’s purpose is to foster the personal growth and individual achievements
of at risk youth using a wide range of equestrian activities. At risk being “any person in need of support in order to pursue a program of …education” as defined by the National Trio programs. The majority of our at-risk participants are either from low-income families or are potential first-generation college students.


CJF has a volunteer board of directors that oversee the programs of the foundation and meet monthly to direct the foundation. The board is made up of local professional and community people that have an interest and involvement with horses and a desire to help those less fortunate in the community.


“As a young Nez Perce woman involved with the Chief Joseph Foundation I learned about horses and the history of our people. Participating in the National Chief Joseph Trail Ride as a Scout made me very proud and honored to be a participant of the Chief Joseph Foundation.”
– Lucy, a Chief Joseph Participant and Chief Joseph Trail Ride Scout

“I have been a participant of Chief Joseph Foundation for almost ten years. Becoming a youth wrangler I was able to share my culture and knowledge with other riders.”
– Jalessa, Chief Joseph Youth Wrangler